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Own a piece of television and motorcycle history! This fully restored 1959 Trail Breaker 2 wheel drive motorcycle is one of the original 10 bikes built for the original Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom television series.

Exhumed from a forgotten grave in Southern Utah over fourteen years ago, this bike has been fully restored by Terry Peterson and is the only known surviving motorcycle created for the television show starring Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler.

View the videos on this site and hear the exciting story of how the bike was found and restored to it's original condition.


View excerpts from two episodes of the original television series featuring the 1959 Trail Breaker.

< Land of the Condor >

< Motorcycle Roundup >


Learn how this classic one-of-a-kind motorcycle was found and restored.

See it in action in the red rock country of Southern Utah.

< Restoration Story >

< In Action at Sand Hollow State Park >

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